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Name DH = Dark Hwan = JANGHO,SEO
Sex Male
Nationality Republic of Korea
Date of birth 1983.10.30
Blood type A(RH+)
Interests Playing basketball, Watching soccer, Drawing, Cooking
Occupation Web Developer


Date Content
2016.09-NOW Web developer @Furphy media in South Melbourne, Australia
2015.07-2016.07 Full-stack web developer @AGS in Melbourne, Australia
2013.01-2015.05 Freelance web developer & designer, @Gami chicken&beer, Melbourne, Australia
2012.08-2013.08 Learning about cooking Japanese foods in Melbourne, Australia
2012.06-2012.08 General English course @IMEC in Baguio, Philippine
2012.03-2012.06 Part-time web developer in Korea
2011.08-2012.03 Travelling in Australia
2011.03-2011.07 General English course @Shafston college in Brisbane, Australia
2010.01-2011.2 Part-time lecturer, Web programming course on the weekend @HIMEDIA computer school in Korea
2008.11-2009.12 Part-time lecturer, Web programming course on the weekend @Green art computer school in Korea
2007.12-2011.01 Full-time web developer @JCEntertainment in Korea
2007.08 Part-time web developer @JCEntertainment in Korea
2007.06 Internship web developer @JCEntertainment in Korea
2005.06-2007.06 Network army, Network team @Capital corps in Korea
2004-2005 Freelance web developer in Korea
2004 Computer network course, Korea cyber university, Korea
2003-2004 Studying web develop course, Green computer art school, Korea
2002-2003 Assistance professional cartoonist, Korea
2002 Animation course, Seoul Ah-Hyun high school, Korea
1999-2001 Seoul Se-Jong high school, Korea
1996-1999 Seoul Su-Seo junior high school, Korea
1993-1996 Seoul Ban-Won elementary school, Korea
1990-1993 Seoul Wal-Cheon elementary school, Korea
1983.10.30 Born in Busan, Korea

BlackApple's history

2016.10.22 [UPDATE] Open BLACKAPPLE ver3.0
2014.04.17 [UPDATE] Set up responsive website
2013.11.04 [UPDATE] Open BLACKAPPLE ver2.0
2012.05.10 [UPDATE] Open mobile page
2009.11.20 [UPDATE] Set captcha
2009.11.18 [UPDATE] New function : IP block
2009.05.06 [UPDATE] Remove Interesting page
2009.02.13 [UPDATE] Set shortcuts
2009.01.21 [UPDATE] Move out to ''
2009.01.20 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on FavoriteLink page
2009.01.19 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on Comment/ History page
2009.01.16 [UPDATE] Changed design : removed line and changed font color
2009.01.16 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on Interesting page
2009.01.15 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on Black&White / Cartoon page
2009.01.14 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on GuestBBS page
2009.01.12 [UPDATE] Set the favicon
2009.01.09 [UPDATE] Import JQuery
2009.01.08 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on Note & Study page
2009.01.06 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on DH Profile page
2009.01.05 [UPDATE] Set Naver Smart editor on every write & modify page
2008.12.30 [UPDATE] Passed W3C web standard cording check on About BA
2008.12.29 [UPDATE] Connect with Naver blog(BlackApple in blog)
2008.10.06 [UPDATE] Change cording style to Standard XHTML (Passed W3C standard checking system)
2008.09.29 [UPDATE] Modify profile & New page : About BA
2008.09.24 [UPDATE] Pack one RSS with 5 pages(Note / Study / Interesting / Balck & White / Cartoon)
2008.09.10 [UPDATE] Fix the small space bottom of the main page.
2008.09.06 [UPDATE] Set RSS on Study page
2008.04.25 [UPDATE] Getting IP when we have a new post on every board. No more HTML tag on comment
2007.05.30 [UPDATE] New function in Admin page
2007.05.29 [UPDATE] New page : Cartoon
2007.05.29 [UPDATE] Add function to set permission about board
2007.05.22 [UPDATE] New page : History
2007.05.22 [UPDATE] Note, Study : add 5 posts under the main contents
2007.05.21 [UPDATE] Favorite Link : add site introduce
2007.05.18 OPEN BlackApple ver 1.0
2005.06 Attended "47th Seoul Comic World" festival with my original comic book
2003 Dong-Wook withdrew
2002 Attended "Seoul Comic World" festival with our original illustration book
2001 Changed team name to "Black Apple"
1999 Yong-Wook withdrew and changed team name to "Ruin"
1998 Made an amateur artist team "Freestyle" with Dong-Wook and Yong-Wook


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